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Tom Doyle's Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers... The best of the best!

We use nothing but the finest and highest quality vintage correct parts, components, and processes to hand make these fine artisan pickups, one at a time. No detail is spared and our meticulous manufacturing spec is second to none. We took the very best characteristics from all the finest early Kalamazoo Patent Applied For pickups we've known over the last 50 years... and have painstakingly recreated the ultimate archetype of what the perfect PAF could and should sound like.

Les Paul’s Final Dream of the Ultimate Humbucker Pickup Comes to Life!


escription of the PAF sound that we have created for you in our TRU-CLONES PAF Pickups:

Chimey, bell-like, articulate, mean when pushed, smooth when rolled off, clear and crisp with lots of string definition… 3D holographic harmonic overtones that bloom and rise with tons of sustain and that sweet upper mid-range, with that slightly microphonic  effect that lets you hear a well defined pick attack, fat and complex, tons of grunt and growl when distorted, woody smooth and airy in the neck position… sparkling and crisp in the bridge, with lots of punch and tonal definition… even on the lower bass strings!

... Les would be proud!

It seems more and more these days that the term PAF gets thrown around like a football at an early fall picnic in the park. Lots of pickup makers out there simply chunk that moniker on some average set of nickel covered  pickups and then make all kinds of erroneous claims. Most sorry to say, simply use that term to get your attention and tell you (or sell you) what they think you want to hear. There are no regulations on what gets called a PAF… its not like organic fruits and vegs - basically anybody can say anything they want! So… they don’t use butyrate bobbins, and they use cheap stainless steel baseplates with short legs, and plastic spacers, Korean covers, and prefab magnets, and whatever pole screws they have lying around, and whatever wire is cheapest - but somehow magically they are PAF pickups! Uh… what?  

Often the term PAF (Patent Applied For) Humbucker pickups are more of a concept and an epitome than any one actual specific pickup per se… and what we mean by that is most of those old pickups from Kalamazoo back in 1957 and onward varied dramatically and were very inconsistent. Most everyone has heard the lore about “wind them until they’re full” and that these bobbins were wound by hand, by regular people who had no idea how more or less turns would affect the overall sound of the pickups they were making! Some were hot, some were weak, some were bright, and some were dark, some sounded honky and nasal, some mushy, while others sounded clear and articulate! So when someone says “PAF”, what are they talking about? You can listen to 10 different sets of old vintage real-deal PAF humbuckers from back-in-the-day, and no two sets sound alike… Hell, no two individual pickups sound alike for that matter. So that’s why it is important to recognize that the term PAF Humbucker Pickup is more of an archetype… the ideal, the holy grail, that quintessential sound everybody hears in their head, or heard on their favorite hard rock album growing up. You get the picture. Now that’s not to say that PAF pickups don’t have a sound you can “pin down” – they do, certainly – and that’s where Tom Doyle’s 50+ years of expertise comes in. 

Tom was winding pickups with a pencil sharpener (by hand) back in the mid 1950’s when he was just 15 years old for heavens sake… and started working side by side with Les Paul at the young age of 24. You see Les recognized a certain kind of genius in Tom and wanted him close, and kept him close right up until the day Les died in 2009. Les saw that Tom was a skilled luthier (guitar maker), a right-minded guitar technician that just got out of the US Army, having been a helicopter repair expert, and understood more about an electric guitar’s inner workings than just about anyone he had ever crossed paths with. Not to mention that Les was simply floored by the fact that Tom could reproduce live onstage what Les did in his studio recordings… right there in front of a live audience. Suffice it to say that Les Paul knew that he was in the company of a fellow mastermind, and he scooped Tom up… and the two worked side by side for over 45 years working on every aspect of Les’ guitars. The experiments, the research, and the amount of tinkering would boggle the mind. Tom and Les together, along with Wally Kamin (who passed away in 1975) would refine and redefine what has become the Les Paul guitar we all know and love today. A huge part of all that, of course, was the pickups and electronics, switches, wiring, pots, capacitors, impedance, and guts of all of these guitars that Les pulled apart and had Tom ultimately rebuild. Tom has countless stories about Les bringing him buckets and bags full of guitar parts, bodies with the necks ripped off, husks of what were once beautiful Gibson Les Paul guitars now in shreds… but that’s a story for another day.

Tom Doyle has removed, installed, rewound, repaired, tweaked, cleaned, trouble shot thousands of PAF pickups over the span of his career. You see Tom wasn’t only Les Paul’s guitar man, he was the “go-to guy” all up and down the Eastern seaboard and did guitar work for countless celebrities, guitar heroes, and rock idols from all over the world. He’s worked on and rebuilt guitars for Jimmy Page, Al Di Meola, Lou Pallo, Tony Mottola, Muddy Waters, George Benson, Sting, and many other top professionals in the industry.



When Gibson moved their manufacturing facility to Nashville, Les Paul himself went to the old Kalamazoo factory and took home many of the tools and machines that the old guard decided they weren’t going to take with them to the new factory, including The Old Stevens Manufacturing pickup winder that so many of the original old pickups were originally made on.  Les later gave this legendary vintage pickup winding machine to Tom as a gift in the mid 90’s...and its been in his shop ever since. 

All of this combined experience, know how, talent, and refined art is now available in our Ultimate Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Pickups. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a set of these limited edition, handmade, Virtuoso PAF Pickups. Each set comes in its own wooden collectors box and is signed by Tom Doyle personally 



Don't wait... we will not be making these forever!

As close to THE REAL PAF you can get without spending thousands of dollars!

These pickups are hand made, one at a time in the USA with the very best & highest quality vintage correct components available. Get yours now... Supplies will be limited.



When you get a set of these Limited Edition Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF '57 Humbuckers... Your Tone Quest just might be over!

These Vintage '57 PAF Humbucker Pickups are spot on Vintage recreations of the originals... Undeniable '57 PAF reproductions in every single way. Cosmetically of course – with all the proper Vintage components, electronics, all of it... The vintage 42 gauge wire, the butyrate bobbins, the nickel silver base plates, the maple spacers, the degaussed long cast magnets, the proper vintage screws, the unpotted nickel covers, etc, etc... and with all the punch, bloom, articulation, tone, and control that the original late 50's Kalamazoo pickups had in those famous Les Paul Bursts... and maybe just a little more!




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