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Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES Customer Reviews
We are so pleased that every single person that has installed our pickups into their guitar(s) has been overjoyed. Here is just a small sample of what they had to say. Send us your story and maybe we'll publish it here...

I thought my Les Paul R9 sounded just fine with the pickups pots and caps that it currently had in it.  I had traded out the originals for a set of well-known boutique humbuckers a couple years prior, and they sounded quite good indeed.  One evening I happened upon the Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES site and was impressed by the sound samples, the videos, and the whole story behind these PAF Humbuckers, and what Les Paul was trying to do here. After getting my new set of Doyle Coils installed, it was a truly remarkable experience… my guitar went from very good to eye-bulging astonishing!  It was like having a big block V8 put into a Jet Ski – there are really not enough words to express the sensitivity and power of these pickups. You hear the wood and the character of the guitar now, you hear each string individually, and the dynamic control is truly something to behold. Suffice it to say that I have joined the faithful. Now, all of my Gibson Custom Shop R8’s and R9’s have Tom Doyle’s Doyle Coils and their complete harnesses in them… Wow, just wow!
- Paul Z. Sacramento, CA

Honestly man, I've never had a tonal experience like this, EVER! - in 25 years of playing all types of music from metal to country to contemporary Christian rock, all the tones are there.  And the articulate nature by which these pickups project the guitars sound it’s really like high def. Never have I been able to get this kind of articulation and clarity… even with the best equipment. This is the first time I've ever felt that the overall bell-like, chimey, clear sound that all my guitar heroes are legendary for was coming out of my amp! In the past, the least useful configuration on a Les Paul for me has always been the middle position, as I just think on every one of them that I've heard, it’s just pure mud…but with these pickups it’s the opposite. I could not believe the clarity. The bridge pickup alone has such a nice natural breakup to it, and the open notes that come from the D and A strings are so gnarly sounding it’s hard to put into words how good that sounds.  Anyways, there's a lot of hype in the world of electric guitar equipment - but there is no hype here! These pickups deliver everything that is promised and then some. Good work, I imagine Les would be so proud.
- Vince G. Indiana, PA

I am lucky enough to own one of Tom Doyle’s Masterpiece Les Paul creations – Time Machine #5. First, let me just say, that the custom Doyle Coil TRU-CLONES PAF pickups are really amazing in every way. I just love them! Playing clean through any amp, the highs are crisp and chimey, but not harsh. But the lows are what blew me away, I can hear each string particularly the low ‘E’ and ‘A’ with such clarity. These pickups are not only designed to the actual 50’s PAF specs, but they also allow the guitar’s woodiness to be heard along with the players finger/pick attack. This is true with a ‘dirty’ sound as well. Whether playing direct through any amps gain, or using my favorite pedal… the chords and notes are so warm, but pronounced and present, while still being silky smooth.

The TIME MACHINE Les Paul Historic ‘59 is a whole other addition to the TRU-CLONES, with the incredibly realistic aging that goes into each and every one of these Master Relic’d guitars. The feel is so real that you simply cannot tell these from an actual late 50’s Les Paul. The aging process is like no other offered...period! Not one detail is left untouched, Tom and Max are meticulous with every piece, and measurement of the instrument, making them look, and feel as if time had really passed by. With the combination of their magical relic and aging process, and these incredible recreations of the early PAF, you have one very fine instrument, but at a fraction of the cost of a real ’59 Burst. This is the closest I will every come to playing an actual 1959 Burst! I am still sort of in shock with this wonderful instrument. I keep this Les Paul close to me at all times… it’s gonna take some time (and gigs) to really settle in to realism that I actually own such a guitar!
- Mike B. Seattle, WA

I purchased a set of these Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF humbuckers along with their 1959 “Holy Grail” Wiring Harness from Tom Doyle and his team. When I received it all, I had this setup installed into my 2010 1959 Les Paul Jimmy Page #2 Tribute Special run.  When I hooked these new PAF's to my Duo Fender amp setup, I was blown away!  First of all, the tone was pure Vintage 59!  And I owned an actual vintage ‘59 Les Paul at one point, so I know what I'm talking about. The articulation on the high E string is what in my opinion separates actual 59's from all other humbuckers. These Doyle Coils have this articulation and then some!  Secondly, the volume on the bridge pickup on most other humbuckers is weak. Not with actual 59's… and again Doyle has got this one right as well!  But what really has blown my mind was how well these PAF's have aged and how the tone has gotten even richer as they've settled!  I would recommend these TRU-CLONES to anyone seeking true and classic ‘59 tone and vibe.
- Robert L. Puyallup, WA

Just installed a set of Doyle Coils and the ’59 harness into my Les Paul Traditional, which sounded pretty good, but I knew that it was capable of more. The stock pickups sound just “so-so”. Okay, I was expecting an improvement, but was stunned at how much of an improvement it was! My Les Paul could now do things I didn’t think possible...It really changed my world. I can now get incredible tones by actually using my new tone pots, even on the neck pickup, and it’s not muddy. The range of usable sounds I now get is so much more varied and inspiring than any guitar I have ever played. The clear, bold, and bright sounds I get with this new pickups package has such chime and presence, I don’t feel the need to use a chorus pedal any longer for the notes to ring out. The music I play has lots of soloing and some hard riffing and I can add just a bit of overdrive to my clean channel and pick harder, and I don’t feel that the sound is lacking anything, even for solos. These pickups separate the men from the boys… I can be so much more expressive with my playing as a result. I don’t bother switching to the lead channel, now. Single notes and strummed chords sound both bold and clear. I didn’t expect it, but I ended up changing my approach to playing because of these Doyle Coil TRU-CLONES and I couldn’t be happier… Thanks!
- Ted A. Concord, CA

We've just got back from a tour – and here’s a bit of feedback for you. You've officially killed all my other Gibsons! I just finished up using my 1961 EDS-1275 Double Neck SG (which has original 1960 PAF's) & my Les Paul Black Custom with your Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES pickups installed. Even my usual number 1 & Number 2 Les Pauls (a ‘57 & a ‘59 Reissue with Brazilian fretboards) sound like crap now by comparison! Everyone was blown away by the sound of these pickups in my Black Beauty. That breakdown and sloppiness you so often get in the bass notes is now gone thanks to these amazing pickups… it’s just awesome! Everyone keeps asking about why my guitar now sounds so much better, I've referred them all back to you guys at Doyle Coils. Now I've got to cough up the money for another 6 sets of pickups to get all my other guitars to sound as good. Thanks so much… you’ll be getting more orders from me soon, and I can’t wait.
- Chris H. Victoria, Australia

Just picked up a set of your pickups had to contact you guys to tell you that I am very, very impressed. The wound strings have such definition and clarity when playing with gain… it’s crazy! And when playing clean they are absolute crystal clear. Also they sound awesome in all 3 positions. You can’t say that for most! This is the only PAF replica I’ve tried that sounds good with all my amps, from clean to grit, to hi gain. Thanks for your efforts in making these. They are definitely a step up from most boutique winders... and I’ve tried more than a dozen well-known brands (9 pickups maker brands mentioned but redacted for this site)…. and have been let down by quite a few of them. These are keepers for sure!!!! My search for THAT tone may be over…
- Andy F. Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to get back to you and let you know that I am completely and totally satisfied and happy with my purchase of your pickups. I now finally, have my own personal Holy Grail axe. I feel fortunate and glad to have come across you guys, THE Les Paul specialists and experts of Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF pickups. These pickups are truly what now make my Les Paul R9 special. Sometimes it’s hard to notice something unless you have a point of reference, so I took my 57 Custom RI, Les Paul ‘58 RI, and Les Paul SG RI, and did a series of side by side comparisons. After playing my new R9 with the Doyle Coils installed and Complete ’59 Harness upgrade, it was immediately apparent - The clarity, the note definition and separation, the openness and complexity of these pickups!!! This is the first LP where I do not just set the volume and tone at 10, even in the combined middle position it sounds incredible! In closing I feel honored to have a set of pickups from a group of guys with such a direct connection, association, and history with Les Paul himself.
- Mike K. Irvine, California

It’s not often, if ever, that a modern “reissue” design surpasses the original vintage design when it comes to PAF pickups. But in the case these do indeed go above and beyond! What is so obvious right off the bat is the immediate response from these pickups... these ain't no mudbuckers! Open, airy, clear & articulate, well balanced lows, mids and highs, but with a smooth overdrive that can rip your head right off when dimed. Yet via the volume knob, they focus right down to clear, pretty, or even downright gritty & funky cleans. No murky mess… my amp & speakers seemed to fuse right into them. I know many of these characteristics are often stated by other boutique pickup makers, but the natural woody “acoustic ring” from my solid-body Goldtop Lester came through too. And, the chime and bell like overtones were there in good dose throughout too... almost like an angelic choir cheering on all the while. Well, you know what all this means... I'm ordering another set! Thank you Tom and Max for doing what you do, and thank you up there Les!
- Cam of Royal Brit Music

I love these pickups… This is my second set. Tried all kinds of other PAFs out there, and nothing compares to your Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES pickups! When I compared the other guy’s PAFs, they all seemed to match closely with one another - and it was hard to tell a big difference between them all… but your pickups definitely stand out. I'm still amazed! The other pickups I tried just can’t really handle all the different genres of music without help from the amp and pedals. I have a feeling these pickups will be highly sought after down the road, and a long time from now will be considered some of the best ever made. Also, I really feel that the customer service you provided is the same quality as your pickup quality… so thank you again and keep up the great work.
- Jay P. Sparks Nevada

I purchased a set of the Doyle Coils TRU-CLONE PAFs pickups and wiring harness for my Les Paul in January 2015. I want to tell you how pleased I am with them...I love these pick ups! They sound incredible along with the vintage harness and pots. I have been looking for this sound since I owned the guitar. It came with stock Gibson 490 pickups that I didn't care for, so I upgraded them to burst buckers. Different sound but still not the sound I remember from the old Les Pauls. The Doyle Coils TRU-CLONE PAFs are THE sound! I can't tell you how much I love these pickups! I find myself playing this guitar more than my other guitars now. Finally, now my sound is dialed in. You nailed it! Thank you very much. Good luck and keep up the good work!
- Mike H. Jessup Maryland

Installed an un-potted set of Doyle’s TRU-CLONES in my Lester and really, really, really like them. ‘Open’ and ‘Bloom’ are the words that come to mind to describe them… absolutely quality response and Gorgeous tone… My goodness!
- Stephen W. Portland Oregon

Man, you guys got it right! I received my pickups and am absolutely blown away by them. Really, really happy. Now my guitar can sing, can scream, and can gently weep. These babies are nothing less than the Holy Grail... just awesome pickups! Now my Les Paul sounds the way I had always imagined it could and should… Thank you!
- Michael S Atlanta

These are best set I have ever heard... They have a bell like quality but they also have very rich and sweet harmonic overtones you rarely hear in most pickups. The note decay, or natural sustain, was the best I have ever heard, and this was at a very reasonable volume level.
- Ken B North Carolina

Wow...Gear heads, these are worth the dough. I don't know why I stopped playing to post this message. Ring like a bell is an understatement. I feel like Igor in the bell tower ringing these. They sound amazing. I have tried (lots of other boutique pickups) and nothing even comes close. These Doyle Coils are so close, it’s spooky. Tom Doyle has knocked it out of the park with these TRU-CLONES PAFs.
- Tim K. in Canada

I really like the way these pickups sound very much. My Les Paul 1960 Reissue has been the most difficult out of all my guitars to find the right set of pickups for… and finally this now has been accomplished! I’ve tried about 6 or 7 different makes of pickups in this guitar - and have not liked any of them. I now know after hearing my new Doyle Coils in my Les Paul R-0 that they are perfect! They are very clear and articulate, and work very well with all my pedals. I can still ‘hear” my guitar thru my affects. I really like these pickups for their clarity… they just sound simply wonderful. I got a lot of compliments from my other band members recently, my soundman said it was now a great sounding guitar, and even my drummer said that he loves the way my guitar sounds now, and spotted the improvement right off. - Thanks again!
- Don "The Tone Man" Butler

As a builder I am constantly searching for the best pickups to put into my hand-made instruments. There are many PAF-type humbucker sets out, I know… After installing the TRU-CLONES in my guitar this first thing I was greeted with was open bell-like tones, rich overtones and the way the notes would bloom/decay, which hadn't heard in other offerings. I have never heard a set of pickups that had such a long decay without any influence from the gain of the amp. The way the TRU-CLONES do that sounds so natural and smooth that it blew my mind! This is what I'd been searching for, for some years. Open clear sound that has complexity, note bloom and decay are long and smooth - the most natural that I've ever heard, including old 50s pickups. Bell-like clarity AND sweetness......I can't ask for anything else!
- Jack Briggs of Briggs Guitars

I got my Les Paul back from the guys at the guitar shop all installed…Man what a difference! The guitar has had a rebirth tone wise. These pickups sound fantastic!!! Wonderful and rich. Man, the harmonics are excellent, even at low volume. ZZ Top Billy ‘The Reverend’ all over the neck. The tone pots are working great. A lot more definition though the whole spectrum sweep. I will be replacing my other Les Paul’s with these pickups for sure!
- Stan P Southern California

I just got my LP faded back from my tech after he installed my new Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES, and it sounds killer! The tone and volume controls are incredibly detailed and it! Just taking a break 'cause my fingers hurt! I got my first Les Paul in 1980. Ever since, I've been searching for the holy grail of tone - the sound from all those great records I grew up with. After numerous guitar/pickup combos over many years, I have finally found the true PAF magic! Doyle Coils pickups with their essential 50's wiring harness gives me tons of sweet vintage tones at my fingertips. Really delighted...Thanks!
- Mike M Napa, CA

Tons of harmonics and overtones, as well as the ability to cut through a mix without being shrill. For a “Cinematic, HD-like” sonic quality...
- Mike Molenda Guitar Player Magazine





Suffice it to say that no expenses were spared, no corners were cut, nothing was left out with regard to the quality and wind spec of these beautiful PAF Humbucker pickups that Tom has made as an homage to his close friend and mentor. Made with the strictest adherence to vintage detail and era correctness... Every part, piece, magnet, screw and wire, etc. is the "REAL DEAL". Nickel Silver base plates, butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, proper alloy slugs and fillister pole screws, long cast magnets that are gaussed by us, proper 42 gauge enamel coated wire, American made Vintage covers by the same manufacturer as the originals... you get the picture! Its all here...  like the Vintage Originals!



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