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Les Paul's Pickup Experiments & Evolution... A Look Inside The Genius - with TOM DOYLE

This video is significant because it offers a rare glimpse into the inventive process of guitar legend Les Paul, specifically focused on his development of the humbucker pickup. The video features Tom Doyle, who worked with Les Paul as his right-hand man and guitar tech. Doyle walks viewers through a collection of 25-30 years’ worth of pickup experiments that Les Paul conducted.

The video is narrated by Doyle, who explains the purpose and background behind each pickup variation. He starts with the very first pickups Les Paul experimented with, including the Stimmer pickup from Django Reinhardt's guitar and a modified Epiphone pickup with adjustable magnets. Les Paul was particular about the sound he wanted to achieve, and throughout the video, Doyle explains Les Paul's thought process behind the modifications he made. For instance, Les Paul wanted a lower impedance pickup, so he used thicker gauge wire with fewer turns.

Another important aspect of the video is Doyle showcasing the evolution of the pickup bobbin. Les Paul started with repurposed parts from other guitars, like the P-90 bobbin, and eventually designed his own bobbins with plexiglass. The video also features the final iteration of Les Paul's design, the high impedance humbucker with two coils on top of each other.

Overall, the video provides valuable insight into the creative mind of Les Paul and the meticulous process he undertook to develop the iconic humbucker pickup, which ultimately became The Doyle Coil TRU-CLONES PAF Humbucker pickup that we make in Les’ honor.

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