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The Specs

Suffice it to say that no expenses were spared, no corners were cut, nothing was left out with regard to the quality and build spec of these beautiful, handmade, boutique PAF Humbucker pickups that Tom and Max have made as an homage to their close friend and mentor, Mr. Les Paul. Made with the strictest adherence to vintage detail and era correctness... Every part, piece, magnet, screw and wire, etc. is the "REAL DEAL".  Nickel Silver base plates, butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, proper alloy slugs and fillister pole screws, long cast magnets that are gaussed by us, proper 42 gauge enamel coated wire, American made Vintage covers by the same manufacturer as the originals... you get the picture! Its all there...

What are the Ohms ?

We get asked about Ohms quite often. The proper term is DC Ohms Resistance, actually... and we're not sure why there is so much emphasis put on that one reading - DC Ohms Resistance is not really indicative of a pickup’s sound, its harmonic resonance, their magnetic induction, henries, sustain, overall output, or general sound quality and articulate nature. DC Ohms resistance is not the proper indicator on what the output of a pickup would be (nor what they will sound like)… We’re not exactly sure who started that misconception. The proper indicators are Q-Value, frequency response, resonant peak, henries, efficiency of the magnetic coil overall, inductance values, responsiveness, hysteresis… and ultimately amplitude and actual voltage output. But most importantly its the sound, the tone, controllability, touch sensitivity, and musicality of these pickups that we are so proud to offer you, the Les Paul player of today.
This is what Les wanted!


Here’s a really great article all about the subject… info about resistance, impedance & inductance, etc. by Dave Hunter of Some interesting reading that will debunk a lot of myths and incorrect misconceptions about what makes a pickup work, and sound the way it does


TOP TIP:  Don't get buried and bogged down in geeky specs and irrelevant data... The best meter are your ears and your gut!



Now we're not going to spell out our wind technique, or our specific manufacturing spec, and all of that... no more than Coca Cola would tell you how they make that brown fizzy drink, that's proprietary. But what we can tell you is that Les was working tirelessly in the last 5 or 6 years of his life to create the cleanest, clearest humbucker he could, and we have all of his experimental winds, all of his notes, labels, parts, etc... piles and piles of the stuff. Tom and Max pored over all of Les' notes, analyzed all the different experiments, measured the readings on all the prototypes, and kept chugging along in the direction Les was headed until old age finally got the better of him. You see, Les felt that if there was obviously going to be humbuckers in the famous guitar that bore his name, then by God, he wanted them to have clarity, sharpness, and sparkle... and not have that muddy bottom end that so many double coil high-impedance humbuckers have.  Tom recalls the 27 years of driving Les into New York City in Les' old Lincoln for their well-known shows at Fat Tuesdays and then of course, The Iridium. Those long afternoon drives from rural upstate New Jersey into Manhattan with Les in the passenger seat were filled with conversations about what Tom was doing, what Les was doing... comparing notes, and Les grilling Tom about how the hell was Tom getting those crystal clear bell-like tones! Call it a friendly rivalry if you will... it used to drive Les crazy!

Les Paul's old Lincoln Continental and one of his '52 Goldtops

When you get a set of these Limited Edition Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers your Tone Quest just might be over!

These era correct PAF humbucker pickups are spot on vintage recreations of the originals, sure... undeniable PAF reproductions in every single way. Cosmetically of course - But more importantly made with all the proper (and very expensive) vintage components, all of it... The vintage 42 gauge wire, the butyrate bobbins, the nickel silver base plates, the maple spacers, the field charged long cast magnets, the proper vintage alloy screws & slugs, the nickel silver covers, etc, etc... and with all the punch, bloom, articulation, tone, and control that the original late 50's Kalamazoo pickups had in those famous Les Paul Bursts... and a little more!

Get THE REAL PAF Experience without spending thousands of dollars!

"In these days when so much marketing and advertising is mostly hype, and over the top claims about quality, vintage this or that, etc… It is so refreshing when what you buy actually exceeds the claims and your own expectations. These pickups are simply unbelievable… I can't put my guitar down!!!"

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