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About Us

Tom & Les Backstage at the Iridium in NYC

Tom Doyle was Les Paul's personal guitar tech, luthier, co-inventor, soundman, confidant, and "fixer" for 45 years... right up until the time of Les' passing. Suffice it to say that all that time at the side of "The Master" has given Tom the experience and know how that no one else on the entire planet can possibly have. For 50 years, Tom and Les Paul worked together refining and redefining what an electric guitar could and should sound like... a true labor of love that still lasts till this day. Now you can have a piece of that history. Many have come along and attempted to recreate the sound, look, feel, and tone of the famous late 50's PAF Humbucker... "that sound" in every tone chasers head throughout the world. Some have come close, others not so close. However, none have had the first hand knowledge, the actual day-to-day first person experience and the hands on background that Tom Doyle has. Tom is nothing less than a walking, talking historical encyclopedia of all things Les Paul, guitars, electronics, sound, and musical history from the last 50+ years... from the artists to the instruments, to the gear they were using, to the experiments they tried, and everything in between!  Tom became known as "The Luthier to the Stars".

In addition, starting in the early 80's Tom was Les' soundman, engineer, Emcee, and show producer every Monday night at Fat Tuesdays, then at the 2 Iridium Clubs in NYC for 27+ years... among many other things. Les had an incredible passion for making things “just right”... and would tinker, test, and experiment on things he wanted to fix, tirelessly - almost to the point of obsession. His constant passion towards the end of his life was for getting the high-impedance humbucker to come alive, and deliver that clarity that he so desired. As an homage to his long time friend and mentor, Tom Doyle and his friend Max Stavron have brought Les Paul's Dream of a clear, articulate, harmonically lively Humbucker pickup to life...

Here's a great photo of Tom Doyle and Max Stavron, Tom's long time friend, business partner, co-inventor, and trusted confidant. The two have been friends since the early 80's when Tom introduced Max to Les. This photo was taken in Tampa Bay, with them holding Les Paul's very first Gibson 1952 Goldtop aka "NUMBER ONE". Max Stavron is the driving force behind our Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers, and is the company's Vice President of Operations.

Max Stavron - Tom Doyle

Max & Tom With Les Paul's "NUMBER ONE"

Interview with Max Stavron

"In these days when so much marketing and advertising is mostly hype, and over the top claims about quality, vintage this or that, etc… It is so refreshing when what you buy actually exceeds the claims and your own expectations. These pickups are simply unbelievable… I can't put my guitar down!!!"

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