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Gibson Custom Shop Tom Doyle “TIME MACHINE” #72 ’58 Les Paul Historic Burst in Dirty Lemon Tea

Who could offer a more authentic Les Paul guitar and better PAF replicas than the man who was the luthier, repair man and sound man for the legendary Les Paul himself… for almost 50 years! Well, that’s Tom Doyle! With his "TIME MACHINE” Les Paul Relic Series, Tom and his team have dedicated themselves completely to the look, sound and feel of the sought-after old vintage Les Pauls from the late 50s. Each instrument is completely hand aged (no razor blades). To reproduce the sound as accurately as possible, he uses their hand wound Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers and their "'59 Holy Grail Harness" with 550k high Audio J Taper Pots and Real Paper-in-Oil Vintage Repro Bumblebees. The historic correctness is rounded off by the original vintage Lifton Case, which is of course also hand aged. The basis for this TIME MACHINE Les Paul 1958 Gibson Custom Shop Historic R8 from 2019, which has been recreated in every detail with a heavy relic look & feel… just like a Vintage 1958 Plaintop Cherry Burst that’s been played for 60+ years. The humbuckers are simply top-notch, very direct, great sound and with tons of dynamics, just like you would expect from the original PAF Humbuckers… some say even better! No “Lab” could ever come close to these Vintage Masterpieces. These Tom Doyle TIME MACHINE Les Pauls are very hard to find as they are built one at a time, and in extremely small numbers.


Every single part, piece, widget, screw, and molecule of this guitar has been meticulously aged, relic’d, antiqued, and worn down… EVERYTHING! The Doyle crew does this not just for aesthetic reasons (although it does look mighty cool!), but to make the entire guitar “open up”, resonate, vibrate, and sing. No razor blade checking here, baby… it’s all REAL actual hot/cold weather checking and spider cracking that releases this vintage monster from its “shell”. The wood of the guitar comes alive, and the Doyle Coils PAF Humbucker pickups let you hear the very essence of the structure of the guitar itself… that’s why old, played down, vintage Les Paul guitars sound so damn amazing, and why these do too! It’s just like a REAL Vintage heavily played ’59 Burst… even the expert players and collectors agree.

We painstakingly age, wear, breakdown, and antique every single part, piece, component, nut, bolt, and screw. Everything on the guitar gets aged… just as 60+ year old guitar would get aged by time, use, wear, smoke, weather, sweat, bumps, and bruises… and just plain being played and played. No razor blades ever touch these beauties. We've been doing it this way 25+ years, way before any "Lab" finally decided to put down the razor blades and try to do what we've been doing all along.

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