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Is Your Les Paul’s Harness Squashing Your Tone?

59 Holy Grail Harness.jpg

Most likely the weakest link in your Les Paul’s tone chain is its low-grade/inferior electronics harness. We don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of your guitar’s switch, wires, pots, caps, jack, etc. It’s all how your signal flows, and how your guitar “talks” to your amplifier. Just think about it… Your pickup’s signal has to pass through your switch, the wires, the pots, and the capacitors… then through the jack, down the cable, and into the amp.

The good people that made your Les Paul guitar have been cutting corners, and “cheaping out” forever, and not being particularly forthcoming about it, sorry to say. Only in 2019 did the Custom Shop guitars start installing actual paper-in-oil capacitors. Before that they were installing completely bogus, fake Mylar junk, wrapped in black plastic with stripes painted on them - and calling them “Vintage Bumblebees”… yikes!!! Not to mention still using poor quality linear taper pots and so on… and let’s not get started on the factory mill USA guitars, such as Standards, Classics, and Traditionals, etc…

Limited Edition Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES Holy Grail '59 Les Paul Harness



Have you ever noticed that on your Les Paul, 2 and 3 kind of do something and 9 and 10 kind of do something… but there’s no real taper, no real control, no major difference in tone or volume when rolling your guitar’s knobs? As a result, and without even being really conscious about it, everyone just seems to dime everything out… all knobs on 10. Well… that’s a sound, sure! But there’s a whole tonal and dynamic range living inside that guitar just waiting to get out.

That’s where high-end super rated high audio taper pots, real paper-in-oil historic vintage style Bumblebee .022mf caps, and top notch wires and components come in. Letting your guitar’s pickups signal flow freely and being able to control it all is an absolute game changer. Like we said before, we don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of all of this… So many “tone chasers” out there are trying various pedals, amplifiers, speakers, strings, nuts and bridges… you name it. All in this mad search for a better sound and tone. And all along its right down there at your right hand’s reach! Those pretty little gold knobs with numbers on them were meant to actually do something… and now they will. Oh boy… and will they!



Pre-2019 Custom Shop Guitars QUICK TIP: For the uninitiated - Notice yellow plastic tubing & lack of filler tube and blob of solder


Our Paper-in-Oil Vintage Capacitors are the Real Deal. The best money can buy... Notice the varnished braided spaghetti tubing


With our '59 Holy Grail Harness in your Les Paul, the different sound and tone combinations will astound you! Each little movement of each of the 4 knobs and how they interact, will now actually change the sound coming out of your amp. The ability to change volume dynamics, overdrive, touch sensitivity, sweetness and roar, and the clean clear presence or wah-wah pedal like tones from the tone knobs will amaze you too. Some say it’s like they have to re-learn how to properly use their guitar.

So pull out all that old stock stuff and make your Les Paul all it was meant to be…You’ll thank us later.


"In these days when so much marketing and advertising is mostly hype, and over the top claims about quality, vintage this or that, etc… It is so refreshing when what you buy actually exceeds the claims and your own expectations. These pickups are simply unbelievable… I can't put my guitar down!!!"

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